Terms of Use

Information about terms of Mari Digis company:When you buy a digital stamp you are not buying a physical product, but the right to use the image. And just for you, not your family and friends. You are not buying the image, only the permission to use it on a personal basis. That's how many artists make their money through royalties and rights.

License and Copyright
All digital stamps are original artwork created by Maria Emilia de Souza and all rights are reserved. The copyright in the digital stamps still belong to Mari Digis and artist, even after purchase.As the only, the original purchaser has the right to use the digital stamp. Please do not share digital stamps with friends and family (this is not allowed).My images are offered for personal use only. They can not be used for commercial breeding. 

You can sell your handmade cards, with the stamp included, but not the images or stamps for themselves, not having received its corresponding art.

The image can be colored digitally or traditionally.

By launching the projects carried out, give the credits at the address, clickable, so that I can spread my work.Please note: even after made any art with the graphics, it can not claim to be their own and therefore can not be used as your avatar, icon or banner image (for example, in cases of blogs or facebook covers or avatars. profile images), except if authorized by me, Maria Emilia de Souza, creator of images.
Digital stamps Mari Digis will be sold only in my store, so you can not sell them on their own. 

Please, if anyone else is interested, just let the store address so that the person contact and get your digital stamp.

You can not use or sell this design on banners, avatars and digital products without my permission.You can not use this design to print on demand services like Cafepress, Zazzle or Society6. I do not offer commercial licenses to individuals for reproduction rights.If I have not addressed any applications with the drawings, you should ask before making the desired art.

1. You are not buying the copyright. All copyrights remain with Maria Emilia de Souza

2. You can not sell any product Mari Digis, digital stamps as they are, as a store of my images apart.

3. You may not resell, distribute, transfer the original file (s), or add the original design in a collection CD, and then give / sell.

You can not put the project / original image (in a good resolution) on sites that can allow others to download / steal.RefundsDue to the digital nature digital stamps, there are no refunds on items delivered electronically.

By purchasing this product you are subject to the Terms of Use of this item.

After your payment, please give me 24 to 48 hours to receive the picture. The Mari Digis Digital Stamp will be sent by email after confirmation of payment.


Mari Digis Terms of UseMari Digis reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time and without notice.

I'm really excited and happy to make available through sales, digital stamps for you to create with my pictures, but remember to respect the guidelines not to lend, resell, share, copy, or redistribute, etc. images. Please remember to give credit to use the images, stating the authorship of the same. Hugs and success for all of us!

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